Cultivated over 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. It has long been known as a diuretic, useful in treatment of rheumatic conditions as it hastens the flushing of waste products accumulated in the joints out of the body in the urine. Greek physician Dioscorides...


Egyptians used dill as an ingredient in a pain killing mixture. Ancient Greeks covered their eyes in Dill fronds to induce sleep. Used as a charm in Middle Ages against witchcraft when it was burned to ward off thunder clouds. Chewing seeds improves bad breath. Used...

AQUILEGIA ‘Columbine’

Used as an antiseptic, astringent & weak sedative. The root is used in homoeopathy to treat nervous conditions & externally for the treatment of ulcers. Seeds are POISONOUS with similar effect to Monkshood ‘Aconitum’

ACONITE ‘Monkshood/Wolfbane’

Used by ancient Chinese as arrow tip poison & in medieval times to poison wolves. Never to be taken internally. Aconite preparations are applied externally as pain killers and sedatives to treat sciatica, neuralgia & rheumatic pain.