Who are we?

FELICIToriginalY & LEW

Are the creators of this beautiful garden of which they care with love and patience and began more than thirty years ago.

Me and Lew have too much craziness. We traveled around Australia in a camper-van and finally decided to settle down in the beautiful Mitta Valley. We bought this house, which sat in a bare paddock in 1984, one week before we got married.”




Felicity started to look up plants and studied how they were used in the past when she discovered by accident that some plants could be extremely toxic.

What happened was that I picked a bunch of pink roses one day to bring inside for a vase. I also found a lovely plant with funny green leaves and creamy flowers and I thought it looked so pretty with the pink roses. It did have a bit of a funny smell but I didn’t worry about that. I put it inside and I thought it was beautiful. And then a neighbour came around and said “you are crazy, that plant is Hemlock, it’s poisonous! What are you doing having it inside and you have little children!”. Hemlock used to be the official poison back in ancient Greece – and here it is growing in my garden!- it used to be a plant of execution. So after that, every plant we got in the garden, I looked to see how it was used but that didn’t make me stop wanting to grow it, I actually find that the more poisonous the plant the more interesting its history, which makes it more interesting to me. Not that I am going to use it, would you like to stay for lunch?


The visit of the garden

gardenVisitors can come for a visit to see these 4 acres of magnificent garden and learn about plants.

We do tours in the garden where we talk about the medicinal uses of plants in history.   So, as we walk around the garden, I will point out the different plants, things you would recognize and some things you won’t.  I talk about different cures,what was used in the past for asthma before ventolin inhalers. We talk about how to cure migraines with Feverfew daisy and how common Violets were drunk as a tea for stomach cancer. I will also show you the Hemlock, if you ask.”

5$ pp, please call first

You can download our visitors guide, click here: TheWitchesGarden-Brochure


You might come across some inhabitants…